If you thought it couldn’t be done, think again. Silverson’s mighty Disintegrator 2500 mixing system will disintegrate, solubilise or disperse the largest of solids - up to 1 metre across - in a single operation, and in times you wouldn’t believe.

The Disintegrator 2500 incorporates a powerful and unique Silverson mixer located in the bottom of a custom-built vessel. The mixer exerts a massive suction downwards from the surface of the liquid, pulling down even the most buoyant of solids, no matter what the size. These solids are literally ripped apart and dispersed throughout the mix, and with the refinement of a Silverson In-Line mixer included in the system, are totally solubilised or suspended.

For smaller solids, Silverson offers the Duplex Disintegrator/ Dissolver, which was specifically developed for the disintegration and solubilisation of solid rubbers and polymers for the lube oil and adhesive industries.

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