New Silverson “How-to” Video Dispels the Mystery of Xanthan Gum Dispersion

Thorough, Rapid Dispersion Yields Uniform Results

Xanthan gum, although used in small concentrations in formulation, can cause big problems when attempting to disperse it in formulation. Silverson mixers more than meet this challenge simply and easily dispersing it thoroughly in formulation. Silverson Machines shows how easily it can be achieved in its latest “how-to” video, “How to Disperse Xanthan Gum” on, one of a series of videos designed to aid formulators facing challenging industrial mixing situations.

Xanthan gum is widely used as a thickening agent in foods, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics and the chemical industry. While xanthan gum is incorporated as a fractional percent of the total formulation, it has a strong tendency to form lumps when attempting hydration and blending.

Rapid Dispersion/Uniform Results

Silverson equipment effectively and easily disperses xanthan gum in a fraction of the time compared to conventional agitators. Achieve a uniform, agglomerate-free mix in hot or cold liquid with the high shear mixing technology of a Silverson rotor/stator mixer.

Silverson high shear mixing equipment rapidly and thoroughly hydrates essential ingredients, such as xanthan gum to help save time and production costs. Operators frequently add unnecessarily high levels of gum to compensate for poor yield. This not only adds to raw material costs, but in addition, extra and unhydrated gums can wreak havoc with formulations during subsequent processing or storage. Rapid, effective hydration saves production costs and time and yields a consistent batch for each production run.

While the Silverson Ultramix is best suited for effective dispersion of xanthan gum, Silverson offers a complete line of high shear mixers that can blend xanthan gum or other powders into liquid for agglomerate-free, consistent blending in a fraction of the time required by conventional methods. Choose from the Silverson High Shear Batch Mixers, Ultramix or High Shear in-Line Mixers.

When complete, Silverson’s “How-To” video collection will feature dozens of high-quality, easy-to-understand videos. These videos including How to Disperse Xanthan Gum can be viewed in the How-To Video Library

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