High Viscosity In-Line Mixers

High Viscosity In-Line Mixers

High Viscosity In-Line Mixers

Silverson’s High Viscosity (HV) In-Line Mixers offer exceptional flow rates and the ability to process higher viscosity products. 

This is achieved by a unique and innovative “pumping rotor” design which substantially increases the mixer’s capacity when compared to standard In-Line mixers, eliminating the need for an additional feed pump when processing higher viscosity products in the food, pharmaceutical, cosmetic and chemical industries.


  • Ultra Hygienic construction - based on the 3A Certified and EHEDG Certifiable UHS mixer range
  • Self-pumping
  • Aeration free
  • No bypassing
  • Interchangeable workheads
  • Vertical or self-draining tangential outlet
  • Designed for Cleaning-In-Place

How It Works

Silverson UHS-HV In-Line mixers feature a special rotor design which provides increased capacity, and allows processing of higher viscosities.  Operation is as follows:

Stage 1

The high-speed rotation of the specially designed pumping rotor within the precision-machined mixing workhead forces liquid and solid materials into the rotor/stator assembly.

Stage 2

Centrifugal force then drives the materials towards the periphery of the workhead where they are subjected to a milling action in the precision-machined clearance between the ends of the rotor blades and the inner wall of the stator.

Stage 3

This is followed by intense hydraulic shear as the materials are forced, at high velocity, out through the perforations in the stator, then through the machine outlet and along the pipework. At the same time, fresh materials are continually drawn into the workhead, maintaining the mixing and pumping cycle.


High Viscosity In-Line
Verso-UHS-HV High Viscosity Mixer

Mixer Options


A comprehensive range of workheads and screens is available for all Silverson high shear mixers. These easily interchangeable workheads offer great versatility by allowing any machine to be adapted to perform a wide range of mixing operations including emulsifying, homogenising, disintegrating, dissolving, dispersing, blending, particle size reduction and de-agglomerating. Changing from one head or screen to another is quick and simple.

Technical Information

Self-pumping throughputs of up to 90,000 litres/hour.
No Bypassing
Product cannot bypass the precision rotor/stator workhead.
Interchangeable Workheads
Single stage rotor/stator configurations as standard.
Materials of Construction
Product contact parts in 316L stainless steel. Other materials on request.
Motor Specification
TEFV and ATEX approved Flameproof motors are available as standard. Stainless Steel and other motors available as optional extras.
Inlet and Outlet Connections
Tri-Clamp fittings are standard, other types are available.
UHS-HV In-Line Mixers are designed for cleaning-in-place (CIP and SIP).
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