The Challenge of Agglomerates

One of the most common problems when dispersing powders into liquids is the formation of agglomerates. These clusters of particles, if left unaddressed, can significantly impact the appearance, texture, and performance of the final product.

“Fish Eyes” and Other Agglomerates

Agglomerates come in various forms, each presenting unique challenges. Gel-type agglomerates, for instance, arise when hydrocolloids like gums and thickeners are inadequately dispersed into liquids. Instead of breaking down and fully wetting out, agglomerates can form when dry powder particles become encapsulated within an outer gel coating. These are often referred to as “fish eyes” due to their gelatinous appearance. 

In suspensions, another form of agglomerate emerges, where solid particles adhere to each other despite undergoing milling or pre-micronisation. Although these agglomerates may be minuscule and imperceptible to the naked eye, they have a noticeable impact on the final product. With pigments for instance, agglomerates can result in undesirable colour flecks within the product.

Effective Deagglomerating with High Shear Mixing

One of the best ways to get rid of agglomerates – and avoid them from forming in the first place – is to disperse the powder into liquid using a high shear mixer. Through high speed rotation, the mixer’s rotor generates a robust suction force, drawing both powder and liquid into the workhead. Centrifugal force then propels the materials outward, subjecting them to intense mechanical and hydraulic shear within the stator’s perforations. The result is an agglomerate-free solution within minutes.

Pulverise Agglomerates with Silverson Rotor/Stator Mixers

Benefits of Silverson Mixing Technology

Unlocking Efficiency with Silverson

For manufacturers seeking to streamline their production processes and achieve superior product quality, Silverson mixers offer a proven and reliable solution. By leveraging advanced mixing technology, businesses can overcome the challenges posed by agglomerates and optimise their manufacturing operations for greater success.

Case Study: Pectin Use Slashed by 20% with High Shear Mixing

How to Get Rid of Agglomerates
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