With today’s environmental and economic pressures, more and more manufacturers want to quickly and efficiently reprocess out-of-spec or waste product. At Silverson, we understand these challenges and offer innovative solutions to address them effectively.

Efficient Disintegration and Dissolution

In industries such as confectionery, misshapen sweets can be broken down to reclaim and reuse valuable ingredients like sugar.

Our mixers efficiently disintegrate and dissolve individual sweets or clumps of sweets that have adhered together, ensuring optimal product recovery.

Versatile Applications: Reprocessing Food and Industrial Recycling

Silverson mixers deliver exceptional performance in reprocessing diverse materials. Within confectionery, reclamation can be used with anything from chocolate and gelatin-based confectionery to biscuit-filling waste. Additional applications include rubbers, polymers, and paper reclaim. 

Case Study: Reclamation Saves Manufacturer Millions of Dollars

How to Reclaim Confectionery
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