Refining Edible Oils

The refining process is essential for purifying edible oils obtained from sources such as coconut, corn, cottonseed, olive, palm, peanut, soybean, and sunflower, ensuring their purity and quality for consumption. Silverson high shear mixers are used throughout the world for edible oil refining.

Critical Role of Reagent Additions

Degumming and neutralisation is typically a high volume, continuous operation. Reagent additions are a critical stage in the process, requiring the acid to be finely distributed throughout the oil and intensively mixed to accelerate the reaction and maximise yield.

Traditional methods of reagent addition using low-shear static mixers or inline agitators pose several challenges including inadequate dispersion of reagents, increased chemical consumption, and longer processing times.


The High Shear Mixing Solution

Silverson In-Line mixers excel in this crucial part of the refining process. The acid is added to the oil just prior to the inlet of the Silverson In-Line mixer. The materials are drawn into the rotor/stator workhead and intensely mixed in the high shear zone. The fine droplet size obtained ensures the surface area of acid exposed to the oil is maximised, optimising the reaction and obtaining full yield.

Key Advantages:

Rising Preference for Enzymatic Degumming in Oil Refinement

Enzymatic degumming is increasingly carried out as an alternative to conventional acid degumming due to its ability to yield higher oil quantities, substantially diminish wastewater output, and enhance phosphorous levels.

Silverson High Shear Mixers are particularly advantageous in this method, making them the preferred option for companies adopting enzymatic degumming. With their precise control and efficient dispersion capabilities, Silverson mixers ensure thorough mixing, leading to enhanced reaction kinetics and ensuring high-quality end products for consumers.

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