Gums and thickeners present a unique challenge in the mixing process, often leading to the formation of undesirable lumps or “fish eyes.” These agglomerations consist of partially hydrated material with a dry powder core, resulting in poor quality and inconsistency between batches.

Traditional agitators struggle to effectively disperse these agglomerates, as they merely wash the surface, prolonging the hydration process and requiring extensive mixing times. Furthermore, certain ingredients require shear to activate and obtain functionality, which cannot be accomplished with agitators alone.

Conventional agitators struggle to disperse powders

The Silverson Difference: Rapid, Agglomerate-Free Dispersion

Silverson Mixers leverage high shear action to swiftly disperse powders, disintegrating agglomerates and exposing a larger surface area to the surrounding liquid. Within minutes, the result is a smooth, agglomerate-free solution.

Powerful Mixing Solutions

Silverson offers a range of Batch mixers and In-Line mixers designed to address the challenges of dispersing gums and thickeners effectively. Additionally, our Flashmix powder/liquid mixer provides an advanced solution tailored specifically for this application.

Case Study: Powder Dispersed 40x Faster with High Shear Mixing

2% Xanthan Gum Solution
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