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Silverson’s comprehensive product brochure will allow you to review and compare many of Silverson Machines’ most popular mixers quickly and easily to determine the best machine for your industry or application. In addition, you’ll also learn more about the Silverson “advantage” – detailed in the ‘High Shear Mixers’ brochure. Chief among the Silverson advantages are speed and versatility – just two of the many advantages upon which customers rely. 

Get information on all the Silverson models from laboratory scale to pilot scale to production scale from general use to hygienic mixers. Having all the product and service information in this one document makes it a quick reference for users.

Silverson mixers can reduce mixing times by up to 90 percent when compared to conventional mixers or agitators. In addition, the machines are designed to perform a range of mixing applications, which makes them extremely versatile. With interchangeable heads and screens for all Silverson rotor/stator mixers, any machine can be adapted to perform a wide range of mixing operations including emulsifying, homogenising, disintegrating, dissolving, dispersing, blending, particle size reduction and de-agglomerating. To obtain a full-color print version of the Silverson brochure, contact your local Silverson office/distributor. To download a PDF version click here.

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