New Testing Centre - Apprentice Program

Silverson Machines has always operated a “try before you buy” policy - offering demonstration mixers for on-site trials, and by maintaining an on-site Test Centre where clients can bring in their ingredients and test a full range of mixers under actual production conditions. 

Taking this service to a new level, in October Silverson opened the doors to a new purpose-built testing facility.  The facility encompasses three testing bays and is equipped with laboratory, pilot scale and bulk production units for in-tank and in-line mixing processes, and a full range of new Flashmix powder/liquid mixers.

Alongside the practical testing area the facility incorporates a laboratory, showroom and conference area.

The new test centre is co-located with Silverson’s award-winning Training School, where apprentices spend the first year of a five-year apprenticeship getting a solid grounding in all aspects of mechanical engineering. Back in September, Silverson took on six new youngsters, taking the number of apprentices in the scheme to 10. 

The Training School and Test Centre have been brought together under one roof to highlight the technology and professionalism visible in Silverson’s production facilities and the people who work there, reinforcing the company’s position as a high quality manufacturer and market leader. In addition, the apprentices will assist with trials, gaining an appreciation of how high shear mixers are used in a wide range of industrial applications.

If you have new mixing applications or would like to see how Silverson can improve your mixing process, contact Silverson to arrange a trial in the new facility.

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