See how Silverson mixers disperse titanium dioxide in new How-to video

Industry-leading technology creates fast, easy solution for multiple industries

Silverson Machines has released a “how-to” video demonstrating methods of easily and efficiently dispersing titanium dioxide, solving an ongoing need for the chemical, personal care and pharmaceutical industries.

Titanium dioxide comes in pre-micronised powder form, but the particles tend to reagglomerate when added to water. Conventional mixers cannot break these agglomerates down and therefore cannot obtain the fine particle size needed to give products such as pill coatings, paint, ink and even suntan lotion, maximum opacity and gloss.

Silverson’s precision-engineered mixers offer positive high shear mixing that will rapidly disperse the pigment to give a uniform, agglomerate-free dispersion.

Customized solution

First, the mixer’s rotor/stator workhead draws the powder and liquid into the center of the workhead at high speed. Centrifugal force then drives the materials to the periphery of the workhead where they are subjected to a milling action in the precision clearance between the tip of the rotator blade and the inner wall of the stator.

“That intense mechanical shear breaks down any agglomerates, and then projects them back into the body of the mix in a circulatory pattern,” says Matt Smith, International Sales Director. “With each successive pass through the workhead, their size is progressively reduced, and the result is a fine, uniform and agglomerate-free dispersion.”

Silverson offers a number of solutions for titanium dioxide dispersion: high-speed Batch mixers for small volumes such as tablet coatings and other specialist products, and In-Line mixers that can be used in a self-pumping recirculation system for intensive and targeted high shear on larger batches.

To showcase these mixers and other precision-engineered solutions the company offers, Silverson has created a series of “How-To” Videos. These videos including the high-speed Dispersion of Titanium Dioxide can be viewed in the How-To Video Library

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