Silverson introduces High-Viscosity In-Line Mixer

Eliminates need for auxiliary feed pump for high-viscosity processing

The new Silverson Ultra Hygienic High-Viscosity In-Line mixer is engineered to process higher viscosity products in the food, pharmaceutical, cosmetic and chemical industries. The HV In-Line is based on the EHEDG and 3-A Certified UHS series of mixers, which comply with FDA and cGMP guidelines. The difference is the new mixer’s unique pumping rotor design, which substantially increases its flow capacity as well as providing the ability to process higher viscosity mixes. “The flow rate of the mixer remains high as product viscosity rises,” says Matt Smith, international sales director, Silverson Machines, “this has opened up a whole new range of products to the advantages of Silverson high shear mixers."

Capital savings
Because the HV In-Line maintains its flow rate as product viscosity increases, there is no need for an additional feed pump when processing higher viscosity products, such as gels and creams. “Eliminating the requirement for a feed pump is a significant savings for a manufacturer in terms of capital outlay," says Smith. "It also reduces power requirements, maintenance and cleaning costs too. But one of the biggest advantages is simplicity. Balancing an In-Line mixer's flow rate with that of a feed pump can be a compromise; with our new HV In-Line a single machine does the job.  It's much simpler and much more efficient."

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