Silverson Mixers Provide Smooth Operations for Cosmetic Creams and Lotions

Achieve Stable, Homogenous Emulsions in Seconds

Cosmetic creams and lotions’ major appeal to consumers is their skin feel and texture. The key to creating the smooth texture in a cosmetic cream or lotion is a stable emulsion with a fine, uniform droplet size. Silverson High Shear Mixers can create stable emulsions in seconds, as the company demonstrates in its latest “how-to” video, “How to Make Cosmetic Creams” located on This “how-to” video joins a series designed to aid formulators facing challenging industrial mixing situations.

Stable Emulsions in Seconds

A Silverson mixer with high shear action can create a stable emulsion in cosmetic products after just a few seconds of mixing. Standard results yield droplet sizes of two to five microns, however smaller sizes down to .5 microns can be attained depending on production requirements.

Silverson Laboratory Mixers are perfect for R&D and small production runs, but formulators can achieve identical results with production-scale batch mixers, capable of blending anywhere from five to 250 gallons per batch. A production-scale in-line mixer also creates a homogeneous, fine emulsion, and is self-pumping and aeration free.

When complete, Silverson’s “How-To” video collection will feature dozens of high-quality, easy-to-understand videos. These videos including How to Make Cosmetic Creams can be viewed in the How-To Video Library

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