Take the heat out of your sugar dissolving process with a Silverson mixer

Industry-leading technology creates efficient, affordable process

Silverson Machines has released “High Speed Sugar Dissolving,” the latest in its new series of “how-to” videos in a growing, informative and easily accessible online library outlining the company’s solutions to challenging and complex mixing applications.

“Our new videos show the clear advantages of Silverson high shear mixers,” says Matt Smith, International Sales Director. “In the case of dissolving sugar, we demonstrate how our equipment can create a 66 brix sugar solution at ambient temperature, representing considerable reduction in costs and production time. We look forward to building out the video library so that the full range of Silverson mixers’ capabilities can be viewed by current and potential users.”

Speed and convenience

The video demonstrates how Silverson’s range of high-shear mixers rapidly break down the sugar granules as they pass through the rotor/stator workhead, exposing the largest surface area of sugar to water. This greatly accelerates the solubilisation process and can cut mixing time by up to 90%. Silverson offers in-tank mixers for small batches and powder – liquid mixing systems for bulk production. These offer additional advantages because the sugar can be loaded into the hopper at floor level, so there’s no need for a conveyor system to get the sugar to the top of a large tank.

The result is sugar syrup preparation in a much faster process time at a reduced cost for sanitary applications in the food and pharmaceutical industries. When complete, Silverson’s “How-To” video collection will feature dozens of high-quality, easy-to-understand videos, all housed on Silverson's Website How-To Video Library.

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