Taking hygiene to the next level

Silverson introduces new line of Ultra Hygienic In-Line Mixers

No manufacturer wants to be part of the next food safety scare or product safety recall. In taking measures to avoid this, manufacturers are stepping up their sanitation standards and practices and looking for equipment that helps them to do just that. Silverson’s Ultra Hygienic In-Line Mixers are one such product. The Ultra Hygienic Mixers meet the advanced CIP (clean-in-place) and SIP (sterilise-in-place) requirements demanded by today’s pharmaceutical and food industries. They are designed to comply with FDA, cGMP standards and are 3A TPV (Third Party Verification) and EHEDG Certified.

The Ultra Hygienic In-Line Mixers offer all the qualities and flexibility of Silverson’s standard multipurpose In-Line machines, but include many additional features; self-draining tangential outlet, single-piece inlet plate and stator, and hygienic EHEDG Certified mechanical shaft seals; all wetted parts are in 316L stainless steel with crevice-free construction. Stainless steel motors are available as an optional extra.

The design of the Ultra Hygienic In-Line mixer makes it impossible for any materials - liquid or solid - to pass from the inlet to the outlet without being subjected to intense mechanical and hydraulic shear as they pass through the workhead. Bypassing is impossible. The hygienic construction shortens the required CIP/SIP cycle time and minimises the use of cleaning chemicals. Dismantling for manual cleaning is not required, significantly reducing downtime and operating costs.

Efficient and rapid in operation, the Ultra Hygienic In-Line Mixer accepts any of Silverson’s interchangeable rotor/stator workheads and screens, which offer great versatility, allowing any machine to perform a wide range of mixing operations. These include emulsifying, homogenising, disintegrating, suspending, dissolving, solubilising, dispersing, blending, particle size reduction, de-agglomerating and reaction accelerating.

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