The ultimate in hygienic standards

Silverson Ultra Hygienic In-Line Mixers set new hygienic standards

Product safety continues to be a top consumer concern worldwide. A seemingly endless stream of news stories chronicling product safety issues—toxic toothpaste, tainted peanut butter, unsafe toys—has heightened consumer awareness, making many manufacturers more interested than ever in trying to ensure that their products are produced as safely and hygienically as possible. One step in that process is using equipment that is designed to the highest hygienic standards.

Silverson’s new Ultra Hygienic In-Line Mixers are the most hygienic machines on the market today. Mixers designed for food use in the United States must comply with 3-A hygienic standards. Silverson’s range of Ultra Hygienic In-Line Mixers not only meets 3-A standards, it surpasses them. Every mixer is designed to meet the European Hygienic Engineering & Design Group (EHEDG) standard – the toughest in the world – as well. The EHEDG is considered the international benchmark for sanitation because its standards set forth stringent bacterial contamination level parameters for equipment to achieve after cleaning. Silverson is the only manufacturer in the world today producing mixers that meet both of these standards.

“With more food scares here and abroad, people now have much higher expectations for their equipment, especially those who work in multinational environments,” says Silverson Managing Director Harold Rothman. “The desire for higher levels of cleanliness goes beyond food and pharmaceutical manufacturers. Makers of personal care products and other consumer product industries are seeking it, as well.” It wasn’t that long ago when machines were stripped down weekly and steam or liquid was forced through the system for cleaning. Today more and more manufacturers are demanding equipment that is clean-in-place or sterilisation-in-place, and lines and equipment are being cleaned more frequently.

When the Ultra Hygienic In-Line Mixers were conceived and built, this changing marketplace concern was taken into consideration. This new generation of mixers was built to meet this higher global standard.

“The 3-A series of standards is set down for how a machine is constructed, but it does not cover any hygienic conditions,” explains Rothman. “The EHEDG standard doesn’t care how the machine is constructed; it is concerned with the level of sanitation that can be achieved. To meet the standard, a machine must be as clean as a three-foot length of a hygienic pipe.” If a machine has a higher bacterial count than the pipe after cleaning, it does not meet the standard. By building its machines to the specifications of both the 3-A and the EHEDG standards, Silverson ensures its Ultra Hygienic In-Line Mixers deliver the highest level of sanitation on the market today.

For more than 75 years, Silverson has been helping the world’s largest manufacturers solve their most difficult mixing challenges. The development of a range of Ultra Hygienic In-Line Mixers continues this heritage. In addition to their superior level of sanitation, the Ultra Hygienic In-Line Mixers are extremely versatile. The mixers are available with single or multi-stage rotor/stator configurations that let the user fit them to individual process requirements. Also mixers can be equipped with Ultra Hygienic Single Mechanical Shaft Seals or easily converted to Ultra Hygienic Double Mechanical Shaft Seals.

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