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From laboratory to production-scale, Silverson Machines offers an unparalleled range of high shear mixers. With a commitment to innovation, reliability, and customer satisfaction, we are dedicated to providing you with the optimal mixing solution for your specific needs.

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High shear rotor/stator mixer in action

What is high shear mixing?

High shear mixing is an advanced mixing technique that involves intense mechanical agitation and shearing forces to achieve superior blending, dispersion, and particle size reduction. Unlike conventional mixers or agitators, high shear mixers utilise specialised rotor/stator technology to generate extremely high shear rates, creating a powerful suction effect that continuously draws materials into the high shear zone.

Leveraging this advanced technology, high shear mixers provide remarkable mixing efficiency, enabling:

  • Faster processing times and increased production throughput.
  • Finer and more uniform droplet/particle size distributions.
  • Improved product quality, consistency, and stability across batches.

Silverson high shear mixers are engineered to deliver exceptional mixing performance, combining advanced rotor/stator technology with robust construction and scalable designs.

Comprehensive Range of High Shear Mixers

Engineered with precision and built to last, each Silverson high shear mixer is meticulously crafted to deliver industry-leading mixing performance, seamlessly tackling tasks from small bench-top applications to large-scale production demands.

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Batch High Shear Mixer

Batch Series

Mix, emulsify, homogenise, disintegrate and dissolve

Batch Mixers
Pilot Scale Batch Mixers
Powder/Liquid High Shear Mixer

Powder/Liquid Mixers

Quickly disperse and hydrate powders, even at higher viscosities

Flashmix Powder/Liquid Mixers
Flashblend Powder/Liquid Mixing Systems
Laboratory Powder/Liquid Mixer
Bottom Entry High Shear Mixer

Bottom Entry Mixers

Ideal for disintegrating solids and incorporating powders

Bottom Entry Mixers
IBC Ultramix Mixer

Additional Mixers

Improving product quality & consistency

Silverson Mixer Homogenisers
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Hygienic Mixers

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High Shear Mixing FAQs

Q: Why use a high shear mixer rather than an agitator?

A: Simple agitators are great for basic mixing tasks like liquid-liquid blending or mixing similar viscosity materials. However, for more demanding applications, a high shear mixer offers significant advantages:

Put simply, if you need to achieve a finer mix, faster processing, or work with diverse viscosities, a high shear mixer is the superior choice.

Q: What are the key advantages of using Silverson high shear mixers?

A: Silverson high shear mixers offer several benefits, including:

Q: How do I select the right Silverson high shear mixer for my application?

A: To ensure you get the ideal mixer for your needs, consider these key factors:

For further guidance, consult with Silverson’s experts. We can assist you in selecting the optimal equipment, evaluating different mixing geometries, and determining the proper scale-up approach for your specific needs.

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